Evgenia Ermilova™ sculpture painting plaster, pallet knives, Reliefka plaster and education

Evgenia Ermilova™



Hello. My name is Evgenia Ermilova. I am the author of the art technique "sculpture painting". I am a world-famous artist and give master classes on sculpture painting techniques.

I have already trained more than 700 masters from Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Estonia, Indonesia, India, Singapore and other countries. A large number of my students already give master classes themselves. I am a professional colourist artist, but I don’t need art education to do sculptural work (I don’t even need to be able to draw). I have developed a unique teaching system, thanks to which everyone can learn to create beautiful flowers from volumetric plaster for 1 master class.

sculpture painting by Evgenia Ermilova
Скульптурная объемная живопись Евгении Ермиловой
Relief by Evgenia

Currently, I produce in my own factory in Russia and sell worldwide materials for sculptural painting under the brand. You can purchase materials from brand distributors in your country. Also, as the author of art techniques, I carry out training and certification of professional teachers in sculpture painting. The certificate of the certified teacher of the School, Evgenia Ermilova, means my personal recommendation for you to get training with this teacher, the high quality of his artwork and excellent knowledge of art technology. At the Evgenia Ermilova School, we are building the learning process in such a way as to guarantee to educate any person who does not even know how to draw

In order to get information where you can buy Evgenia Ermilova brand materials in your country, as well as a list of certified teachers of the sculpture painting, go to the page: